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Video and pictures of Persia Pirotta were leaked, and the former WWE wrestler started her own Onlyfans page and Instagram account.

Stephanie De Landra, whose nick name is Persia Pirotta, only posts F things on her social media accounts. Yes, the woman famous for being on WWE is now on social media. When she posted only the letter F, everyone rushed to see what was going on with her. Let’s know more about this condition. After she was decided to kick off, she posted on social media, “Let’s do hot girl stuff.” Fans went to her page and saw the caption under a picture of her in a bikini. She is from Melbourne, and her name before she joined WWE was Facebook. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

Persia Pirotta Leaked Video & Pics

The wrestler has been in some matches. She has been in the Melbourne City Wrestling and the Newcastle City Wrestling. They used to be in NXT2.0 and fight for it, but she found out that she is no longer in WrestleMania. She asks her fans to join the only F accounts on her social media accounts. Besides her, two other professional wrestlers, Stephen and Dexter, were also kicked out of WWE’s NXT 2.0 brand. Sources say that many wrestler event stars are being let go, and most of them are joining only groups.

Who Is Persia Pirotta?

After they were set free, many people made a lot of money with just F accounts. One of these girls is Toni Stormi, who built up her page and has done well in the only F pages since her release last month. She raised more than $30,000 in the first year that she had an only F page. Wrestling girls are making a lot of money, and people are rushing over to watch them. Chelsea Green, who used to wrestle, made an account only in October after she lost a championship match.

Persia Pirotta Leaked Video Former WWE Star Persia Pirotta Video on YouTube  and Reddit!

Link of video

Persia Pirotta – Wikipedia, Biography & Age

Scarlett Bordeaux, the other big star, has also joined the platform and become very successful. Many girls who used to wrestle or wrestle are now getting jobs on these platforms. People are interested in these girls because they look good and have good bodies. Persia, a young woman who is 25 years old and used to wrestle, wrote on Twitter, “We do hot girl stuff now, Only F is live.” The Tweet quickly got about five likes. Some people made fun of her for starting an only page, but others didn’t mind because it’s her life and she can do what she wants.



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