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VIDEO: A leaked video of Madison Cawthorn’s cousin went viral on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Who is he?

Last month, a video of Madison Cawthorn went viral on Twitter. The video was of Madison Cawthorn’s giving a speech. The video was not suitable for work, and when it went viral, things from the other side of the committee came out, which led to an investigation into Madison. He was more or less charged with not giving the House of Representatives the financial information they asked for. Several screenshots showed that he was sending all the money to his cousin Stephen L. Smith. On Monday, a formal complaint made against Madison to get him fired. David Wheeler, who is the head of American Muckrakers, said in the complaint that Smith and Madison were living together and that he was sending money to his cousin Smith. Follow our website stoptechy.com for the latest news!!!!!

A video of Madison Cawthorn’s cousin leaked.

As soon as the screenshots were available, all the missing financial details were added. After he charged by several news outlets, including the Daily Mail, a video of him saying something personal made public in a car. The video showed that he was with a man he didn’t know, touching him in his private areas while the two of them talked. Where they both said, they wanted a naked person below their hand. When the camera turned around, it was clear that the person behind it was his cousin. At first, no one knew that he was Madison’s cousin. When some party leaders said that he was Madison’s cousin, people realised it.

Wikipedia and a biography of Madison Cawthorn’s cousin

The news got out everywhere. Later, Wheeler shared different screenshots of payments he made to his cousin between June 2018 and January 2019. It was clear from the messages on the screenshots that they were in a relationship. The message said things like “Love me every night,” “The airport thing was in a hurry,” “Nude,” and “Get out of Sweden for me.” Even though all of these things were right there as proof, his rep said it was ridiculous.

Wheeler’s complaint says that Smith given the missing financial information. In the complaint, he also asked for an investigation to see if their relationship broke any rules or laws of the House. The person who for Madison said that the PAC’s claim was false and that they couldn’t be together because they were both cousins. The video did show something else, though.

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