Tuesday, May 30, 2023


A terrible story is coming out of Udaipur where UDAIPUR TAILOR KANHAIYA LAL killed Tuesday. While walking down the street in broad daylight. In a video that got a lot of attention online quickly. Two men with butcher knives in their hands seen coming up to another man. The man then used the butcher knife to cut off head. The thing happened on Maldas Street in Udaipur. The online video of two men cutting off the head of another man went viral. It was obvious that one of the men had decided to kill the other. Let’s talk about the killing and the video in more detail.

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People in the city and online shocked by the beheading. Those who watched the video were horrified. Two men named Muhammad Riaz Akhtar and Muhammad Gosh. In the video that widely shared. In the video, they could be using the butcher knife. They also admitted and took responsibility for killing the person. Follow stoptechy.com to get more news.

How did Udaipur tailor Kanhiya Lal die?

People in the city and on the streets were looking for the two people who killed and beheaded the other person. The person who hurt put up a video on his social media account in support of Nupur Sharma. A BJP politician who had suspended, which led to the murder. The person who killed was a tailor by trade, and he used a sharp butcher knife to do it. Sources say he died on the spot as his head cut off. The police are looking into the problem right now. One source says that the killers made their message clear in the video about the man’s death that went viral on the Internet. That the killing made in the style of the Taliban. Udaipur tailor Kanhiya Lal die

Kanhiya Lal’s Death in Udaipur Tailor Video

After the murder, someone put a video online, which quickly went viral and got a lot of views and shares. The video got a lot of attention and has since been liked and shared online by millions of people. Reports, witnesses, and the police all say that the two defendants went to the man’s tailor shop. Close to the Dhan Mandi police station was where the store was. When the two men walked into the shop, the tailor, Kanhaiya lal, was attacked by a man named Riyaz. While the other man, Gosh, used a mobile phone to record the crime. A police statement says that the video was later put on the Internet. As people were being killed, business owners in the area locked their doors and ran for their lives.

The name of the suspect

The only reason for this crime is that the victim supported Nupur Sharma. A BJP official who has suspended. Nupur Sharma fired because she said things about the Prophet Muhammad that led to the case. In the movie, the killers said. That they would get back at anyone who said something bad about God or the Prophet.

The chief minister of Rajasthan has said that there will be an investigation. That the city and surrounding area should stay peaceful and there shouldn’t be any more violent acts. In the video, which is getting a lot of attention on the Internet, the killers say in no uncertain terms that they killed the tailor. Even though some websites hide the content. The video can’t be shared in mainstream media because of the law.



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