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Two women are shot and killed at a church shooting in Iowa just hours after someone opened fire near Milwaukee – StopTechy

On Thursday, there were two more shootings in the U.S., one of which church shooting in Iowa. This added to the number of deaths across the country on the same day that President Joe Biden spoke to the nation. And asked Congress to do something to stop gun violence across the country.

In just a few hours on Thursday, two women shot and killed outside of a church in Ames, Iowa. Just hours earlier, police said that two people shot at a cemetery south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The shootings on Thursday happened one day after a gunman killed his surgeon and three other people at a Tulsa medical office. They are the latest in a string of shootings in the United States. Including a deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and an attack on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Read on

church shooting in Iowa

This year, 233 people have killed in mass shootings in the United States.

In Iowa, two women killed in the parking lot of a church. The gunman is now dead, but authorities are still looking into what caused his death.

Chief Deputy Nicholas Lennie of the Story County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday night. I can tell you that officers did not kill him.”

Lennie said that at 6:51 p.m., the Story County Sheriff’s Office got several 911 calls about shots fired outside of Cornerstone Church.

Church services were going on inside, but Lennie didn’t know how many people were there as of late Thursday night.

No reason has been found yet.

Lennie said, “We’re still looking into it to find out if it was a planned attack or a random attack.”

Several hours earlier, at about 2:30 p.m., police said multiple shots fired at the Graceland Cemetery in Racine. Iowa, about 30 miles south of Milwaukee.

The Associated Press says that the Ascension All Saints Hospital, next to the cemetery. They treating an unknown number of victims.

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The AP also said that it was not clear if any suspects had caught.

In a speech shown all over the country on Thursday. Biden called for a ban on high-capacity magazines, background checks, “red flag” laws. and the end of the law that protects gun manufacturers from being sued if their weapons are used in violence.

“There are too many other schools and day places in America that have turned into killing fields and battlefields.” Biden said Thursday night. “The problem we face is a matter of awareness and good senseā€¦ I want to say this very clearly. This has nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone. It’s not about putting down people who own guns.”



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