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Today, you can buy the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter on Flipkart. Here is the price, how to book, and features.

Today, Bounce will sell its Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter on Flipkart. The Bounce Infinity E1 will be the first product that the company sells on Flipkart’s site. From now on, the e-commerce platform will be where you can buy an e-scooter. The first step of the new plan is to reach out to customers in five cities across India.

Bounce Infinity E1 2KWhr 48V battery pack that swapped out. This gives it a riding range of 85km. The battery connected to a BLDC electric motor, and the highest speed it can reach is 65kmph. The battery fully charged in four hours, and the car has an LCD instrument cluster, LED lighting, and a choice of five colours. Check stoptechy for more news.

Price and availability on Flipkart for the Bounce Infinity E1

One of the first electric scooters to be sold on Flipkart be the Bounce Infinity E1. At first, the scooter sold in five cities all over India. Delhi, Gujarat, Telangana State, and Maharashtra will be the cities.

The deal between Bounce and Flipkart says that the e-scooter will be at the customer’s door in 15 days. A Bounce dealer near the customer contact them as soon as a reservation made. Then, the people who work at the Bounce dealership help customers get insurance for their cars and get them registered with the RTO. There also be a Bounce Infinity Customer Experience team set up to help customers get real-time tracking updates.

The customer’s choice of subscription model also affects the price. There are two ways to sign up for BAAS: BAAS 1 and BAAS 2. These models let you rent a battery and use Bounce’s growing network for swapping batteries. Bounce can also lower the cost of owning a scooter in the following way:



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