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Tiktok star Lalo Gone Brazy shot dead, and a video of his death went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Who is Lalo Gone Brazy? His biography, age, wife, net worth, and quick facts are all here.

The real name of the well-known Tiktoker Lalo Gone Brazy is Nalgon. He was born in Mexico, and he sings most of his songs in Spanish.

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Lalo’s accounts shut down more than once the past. In his story from 2020, he was a homeless man who was 20 years old. He is now 22 years old. Follow stoptechy

Nalgon is known for coming up with new words and sounds Spanish songs. People love the famous trumpet that plays at the beginning of most of his songs.

The Tiktoker started posting videos on the site in 2020, but he didn’t become famous until recently because of videos in which he shows off some cash while lip-syncing to “Sleazy Flow” by SleazyWorld Go.

More about Lalo Gone Crazy’s Tiktok account

Many of the accounts with the name “Lalo Gone Brazy” just repost the videos he posts. @lalogonebrazzy480 is the account that Nalgon is using right now.

It is one of the Tiktok accounts that is growing the most quickly. In April 2022, the account made. It has 20 million likes and 575K followers as of right now.

Lalo Gone Crazy, Get You?

The capture of the famous Tiktoker Lalo Gone Brazy not talked about all. Up until June 15, he put videos on his Tiktok.

So, it seems likely that Nalgon is not in jail. He has not locked up, despite what some people say. Even though he’s been close to getting in trouble before, the police don’t have him right now.

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Some people might offended by the Tiktoker because he makes pistol sounds with his mouth. But he has made it clear that this is just for fun and that he is not encouraging violence or gun crimes.



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