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This year, BYD, the biggest EV maker in the world, will release its Atto 3 electric SUV in India.

BYD, which Warren Buffett backs, makes the most EVs of any company in the world. The Atto 3 electric SUV its first mainstream product to be sold in India. The Chinese company that makes EVs plans to bring their EV SUV to India between October and December 2022. BYD sells the e6 EV MPV to fleet owners in India. They are hoping that the Atto 3 EV SUV help them get started with private car buyers in India. Follow stoptechy for latest news.

Atto 3 electric SUV

The BYD Atto 3 EV SUV expected to the first step in BYD’s plans to sell private cars in India. The vehicle get to India through the semi-knocked down (SKD) route, with a price tag of about Rs 30 lakh. The Atto 3 is a global product that has already made to work in right-hand drive countries like Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company is now selling the e6 MPV to private buyers. It will joined by the Atto 3 EV SUV when it comes out in India. Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Senior VP, Electric Vehicle Passenger Business, BYD India, told Autocar Professional that the Atto 3 electric SUV should go on sale in 2023.

BYD will start doing business in 25 major cities and build out its charging infrastructure.

The company wants to bring its Blade Battery technology to the market. With a range of 470 km, the BYD e6 works well in the city now. The biggest EV maker in the world also wants to increase sales of the e6 from 75 units per month to 150 units per month. The company wants to take advantage of how fast the country gets electricity. BYD also has essential business relationships with Daimler and Toyota.



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