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The USA Cricket general elections starts on 8 july

People will be able to vote online for two weeks, and the polls will close on July 22.

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The USA Cricket general elections have put off for more than a year. A half because of problems with governance. They will finally start on July 8. People will be able to vote online for two weeks, and the polls will close on July 22. Then, an independent auditor add up the results before the winners are made public. Follow stoptechy

USA Cricket general elections

The constitution said that the elections had to held by the end of 2020. But they have slowed down by a number of problems. The biggest of which is a lawsuit that board members Venu Pisike and Srini Salver filed in March 2021 to question the eligibility of more than 12,000 newly registered voters. In May 2022, the lawsuit finally settled. After that, board chairman Paraag Marathe said he would be leaving his job soon.

Atul Rai, who lives in southern California and was president of the USA Cricket Association in the early 2000s. New York’s biggest rival. From 2018 to 2020, he was the league director representative on the USA Cricket board. The other candidates are Nikhil Deshpande of Virginia and Susheel Bhat of Michigan.

The USA Cricket Nominating and Governance Committee has decided that 558 clubs can vote for the club director position. This is up from the 397 clubs that USA Cricket said eligible in February. It’s also 16 more than the 542 clubs that were found during an independent review of election lists by ESPNcricinfo at the same time.

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The 558 clubs that have a vote come from leagues in 20 states. This includes the Triangle Cricket League in North Carolina, which has 51 clubs that can vote, more than any other league in the country. But Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, all of which had a lot of members in the past, don’t have anyone in the league this year. A few of the biggest leagues in the country in other states, like the Cricket League of New Jersey, the Garden State Cricket League (NJ), and the New York Metropolitan & District Cricket Association, also don’t have a vote in the election.

For the position of individual director, the current holder, Suraj Viswanathan of northern California, is up against four other people. The other candidates are Babu Venkatachalapathy, Kuljit-Singh Nijjar, Ganesh Sanap, and Anand Patel, all of whom are from Texas. There are a total of 12,381 members who allowed to vote for this position. It’s fewer than the 12,732 members USA Cricket said they had in February, and a lot less than the 20,000 members USA Cricket said they had in early 2021. But that’s a big change from the last election in February 2020, when only 723 members registered to vote.

In this cycle, there will also a vote for the position of female elite athlete director, which is held by Nadia Gruny. Gruny, on the other hand, is running unopposed and will automatically keep her seat on the board after the election.



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