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The Pa Oye Kyme video by Bobrisky goes viral and gets out on social media!

Hello everyone. A very controversial tape of Pa Oye Kyme video, who used to work as Bobrisky’s assistant and is well-known in Nigeria. It’s been going around the Internet lately. PA OYE KYME from Bobrisky has finally said how unhappy she is with the situation. She went to Instagram and started posting that she had no idea a video like that would be so popular in her country. She couldn’t get out of the house. These videos are annoying, and they hurt the people’s mental health in them. Follow our website, stoptechy.com, for the latest news!!!!

Bobrisky’s PA OYE KYME Video

Many of her fans and people who like her have shown their support for her in this situation. She thinks it was one of her worst decisions. It’s a terrible thing to happen, and in this day and age of social media crime, it happens all too often. She hasn’t said anything about the video’s producer yet, but she plans to file a complaint against him. This is not a case of blackmail, and she hasn’t said anything about blackmail or trying to get money from someone.

Caesar was a skilled worker who did construction work for a well-known figure in Nigeria. Bobrisky is known for making entertaining videos on Instagram and Snapchat. 1991-born. She’s 31. She went to Lagos University and got her degree. She wants to be her boss and run her own business. Even though the makeup artist has worked for her for a long time, she hasn’t said anything about the situation.

Pa Oye Kyme video

She got her bachelor’s degree in accounting, and in 2019, she started streaming videos. She is not a traditional person and has been involved in many things over the years. Even though the Nigerian government says that men and women are equal and that this kind of behavior can be punished. Several people have said that, because of her gender, she has tried to get more people to visit her account. We’ll be back soon with more information about this story, but for now. Keep an eye on our website to find out more.



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