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The new SP51 Ferrari look revealed

The SP51 Ferrari look revealed by Italian carmaker Ferrari. It original design built on the 812 GTS. The 51st particular project vehicle from the manufacturer created for a Taiwanese customer and boasted unique exterior and interior design features. See stoptechy for the most recent news.

SP51 Ferrari: Powertrain

The 812 GTS and the Ferrari SP51 both use the same chassis. Its 6.5-liter, normally aspirated V12 engine generates 718 Newton-meters of torque and 800 horsepower. Ferrari has not yet released the technical specifications of the SP51. The Italian supercar predicted to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.0 seconds. It can go at high speed of 340 km/h.

Details of the Ferrari SP51 design

The SP51’s new exterior features include redesigned headlights, diamond-cut wheels, and a Rosso Passionale paint job. The Ferrari-style center created this car. The entire length of the supercar is painted in a striking blue and white color scheme. In homage to the 1995 Ferrari 410 S race car.

The SP51 is left roofless does not receive a folding hardtop as the 812 GTS does. Engineers added front and rear vents to the SP51 to create downforce to make the vehicle as aerodynamic as possible.

SP51 Ferrari look revealed

Other crucial components include the carbon fiber bodywork and the transversely mounted carbon wing that serves as a link between the two flying buttresses. The SP51’s interior resembles that of the 812 GTS except a noticeable red Alcantara accent.

As you may be aware, Ferrari NV revealed its eagerly anticipated Purosangue crossover vehicle last month for 390,000 euros (about 3 crore). which will usher in a new era of greater appeal for the supercar manufacturer. The most practical car in the company’s 75-year history will hit dealerships the following year. It will have four doors, four seats, and a 473-liter (125-gallon) trunk.

SP51 Ferrari look revealed checknow

Ferrari’s low-slung racing machines changed by the Purosangue. Dispelling the myth that the business will never produce a vehicle with many uses.



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