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The best things about the Skoda Vision 7S concept

Skoda has released the first hint about the Vision Concept. Skoda is trying to make a roomy car with the 7S. It has a flexible interior design and can fit up to seven people. Since this is a futuristic idea. The minimalist interior is made from eco-friendly materials. Skoda says the 7S will show off its new design language and focus on its “Simply Clever” features. We don’t get a look at the design, though.

This one is called “Vision 7S,” and instead of a sketch or vague profile. Skoda shown a plan view of the three-row Concept that offers a clear cabin space. Here are the essential parts. Check out STOPTECHY for more news.


In the teaser, the 7S Concept has a symmetrical wraparound design, with a wide, horizontal dashboard that goes all the way to the doors. The center console has a raised handrest that makes it easy to reach the touch screen.

Haptic controls

Skoda seems to have listened to what people said because they say the new steering wheel will have controls you can feel. Even the door seems to have touchable and seeable parts that you can interact with. There are also places in the cabin where you can control the lighting. Skoda Vision 7S concept.

where the child seat is

The Czech carmaker says the integrated child seat between the four seats is the safest place in a car. The front seats’ backrests have places for passengers in the back to put their backpacks and media devices.

How the seats set up

The interiors set up in two ways: for driving and relaxing. In driving mode, all controls in the best places, and the central touchscreen is lined up with the top of the screen. The relax mode turned on when the phone is charging or when you stop to take a break. The steering wheel and instrument cluster slide forward, and the first and second-row seats move back for a more comfortable position. The Skoda Vision 7S Concept shown off in full in the next few weeks.



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