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The Ashley Solis video viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Deshaun Watson, a well-known star player from Houston, Texas, is in the news again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. Deshaun Thomas, a star athlete, has accused of trying to attack Ashley Solis, who works as his massage therapist. Reports say that 22 women have said that the popular singer assaulted them. One of Deshaun’s victims dropped her lawsuit and claims against him because she wanted to be left alone. Visit our website,, to find out what’s going on!

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Ashley Solis, Deshaun’s massage therapist, was the first woman to say something publicly against Deshaun. She’s become well-known on Twitter and Reddit. Ashley talked to him about his bad behavior and didn’t hold back. On April 6, 2021, Ashley Solis and her lawyer, Tony Buzbee, sued a well-known football player. As soon as this case was brought before the court, the names of the other 22 victims were brought up. This caused the court to order that the charges against the football player be changed.

Ashley Solis’ video that went viral

Ashley Solis also talked about all the wrongdoings and bad behavior she saw while getting a massage with a famous person. Solis and Lauren Baxley both come forward to talk about how Deshaun abused and assaulted them. Solis says that Deshaun attacked her while getting a massage in the Houston area of Texas. Ashley says that Deshaun’s bad behavior and mean to her made her cry.

Ashley Solis video said that even though she afraid of the attack, she found the courage to face the bully criminal. She also said that the experience had broken her insides but that she would keep speaking out and fighting for her rights. She also said that Deshaun should be punished for messing with the modesty of women. This information is now widely shared on the internet and social media.



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