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A Texas officer was shot in the face, During a police chase in Houston

Every day, someone in the US gets shot. This is where the country is going. A police officer from Houston, Texas, is the latest person to be shot. Crystal Sepulveda found to be the coup ha. Reports say that a carjacking suspect in Missouri City shot the brave officer twice. Crystal taken to a nearby hospital right away, and according to reports, she getting treatment right now. Texas officer was shot. Follow Stoptechy.

Reports say that the suspect in the carjacking was trying to get away from the police in Missouri city when the deadly event happened. As the suspect ran away from the police, he shot at them. As soon as the police officers got close, he started shooting. During this, 29-year-old police officer Crystal Sepulveda hit by bullets twice when the carjacker started shooting. The police officers who were with her picked her up right away and took her to a hospital nearby. The police also caught up with the car thief and started shooting at him.

What’s Crystal Sepulveda’s name?

The police fired several shots at the carjacker, who hit several times. Reports also say that the suspect shot and taken to the hospital by police. At the hospital, doctors and other medical staff said that the suspect was dead. Everyone shocked by this latest act of violence. People in the city in Missouri are in shock right now. People in the United States are afraid of guns and bullets.Texas officer was shot.

The number of gunfires has reached an all-time high. Where is the biggest power in the world going? This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Crystal, the injured police officer, is getting care right now, and reports say she is getting better and responding well to the care. The police department in Missouri City started raising money to help the brave officer who was hurt get better. People from all over the city are coming out and giving a lot of money because of how brave the cop was.

The country is going in the wrong direction now. There more and more bad crimes committed than ever before. The American people don’t deserve this. There strict laws and rules, and this gun culture in the United States must be stopped at any cost. The rest of the world looks to America and asks it questions. Everyone in America wants to know when this number of deaths will stop.



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