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Next year, Tesla competitor Fisker will enter India with an electric SUV.


  • Soon, Fisker, a Tesla rival, will join the Indian EV market.
  • The American EV manufacturer might launch the Fisker Ocean EV SUV in India.
  • Future plans for Fisker include manufacturing or assembly in India.

Fisker Inc., an American manufacturer of electric vehicles, has lately shown interest in entering the Indian EV market. Tesla competitor Fisker will enter India Tesla rival aspires to enter the expanding EV industry in India and become one of the market’s pioneers. The business wants to debut the Fisker Ocean EV SUV in the nation through importation and then localise manufacture and assembly to save costs. Follow stoptechy for more trending news.

Will Fisker manufacture EVs in India?

American EV manufacturer and Tesla competitor Fisker is considering joining the Indian EV market. Henrik Fisker, the chief executive officer of Fisker, highlighted the potential of the Indian EV market and predicted, “Ultimately, India will become all-electric. It may not move as quickly as in the United States, China, or Europe, but we want to be among the first to enter.” The company’s objective in India is to establish a first-mover advantage.

The company intends to introduce the Fisker Ocean EV SUV to India. The automobile costs around $37,500 on the American market. If imported into India, the automobile would incur a 100 percent charge, geometrically increasing the price. The bulk of current sales on the Indian market are about $15,000 USD. However, the government anticipates that EV sales will reach 30 percent of the market by 2030, which presents a tremendous opportunity for firms such as Fisker.

Next year, Tesla competitor Fisker will enter India

Consequently, Fisker intends to localise assembly and potentially even manufacturing in subsequent phases of its presence in India. In order to appeal to a wider audience, the business might possibly introduce the five-seater Fisker Pear electric vehicle. Additionally, the business intends to manufacture the car in India by 2026 or later. This might assist the organisation attain an optimal price range of roughly $20,000, as determined by the CEO.

Magna International has a production deal with Fisker. The Ocean SUV for India would be manufactured in Austria and shipped to the Indian market. Additionally, the business has reached an arrangement with Foxconn to manufacture the Pear EV. According to reports, Fisker is also seeking a location in Delhi for a store to launch its offline presence in India.

Tesla competitor Fisker will enter India an electric SUV

Tesla, an American EV behemoth, attempted to join the Indian EV market and built up considerable expectation. However, due to India’s hefty import charges, the company abandoned its India plans. The arrival of Fisker will thus play a crucial role in determining the destiny of smaller global EV manufacturers that desire to set up business in the nation without a manufacturing line.



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