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SUSPECT: What Was Regan Noelle Cause Of Death? Husband Charged With Murder, Name, Funeral Obituary & News!

The dead body of a former soccer player from Kansas University found and her husband is taken under consideration. Regan Noelle Gibbs 25 year old found dead in her apartment and police arrested her husband who claims that the god told him to do so. Police arrested him from the crime spot and the news then made public. The deceased’s body found wounded when approached by the officials. The incident occurred in the deceased’s apartment, a former soccer player from the University of Kansas soccer team. The deceased found critically injured in her apartment and the incident reported by WINW- TV. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Regan Noelle Gibbs Death Reason

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon a reported by local media. She had numerous injuries and the exact number isn’t revealed yet. Her husband arrested at the crime scene and was charged with a first-degree murder attempt. Chad Joseph Marek, who is 26 years now is charged with Regan’s death. According to sources, the poor girl died due to the injuries caused by domestic violence. The news spread fast and it spread all through the campus that a former player from the soccer team was dead. To which Coach Francis expressed sorrow on the school’s soccer team website.

Who Is Regan Noelle Gibbs’s Husband? Name & Charges

In a statement, he apologized for the demise of their student and said, we are really heartbroken to hear the demise of our soccer player Regan. She was an amazing personality and was tremendous in the gameplay. She was amazing on and off the field. Our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Regan. Her friends have built a go fund page and are raising amounts for her funeral. The page wrote about her personality, Which described her as a happy soul, who wanted to continue her studies

Regan Noelle Gibbs – Funeral Updates & Obituary

And wanted to become a physician assistant, for mission work. It further continues by stating that she was a pure soul who wanted to help the poor with her work. She had her mother and 4 younger sisters in her family, who are mourning her death and are heartbroken because of her death. The police are still investigating and according to sources. The suspect is taken for a bond of 1 million dollars bond. Until now the only news about the accused is that he is set to appear in the next hearing on the 24th of May. No records are out regarding approval for an attorney who can speak on the culprit’s behalf.

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