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Spy X Family Chapter 66 Release Date and time know all details

We’ve all heard of the Spy X Family series. It’s left many people with unanswered questions. The race to assist Loid with his goals starts in Spy X Family. Chapter 66, “Difficult Incident” Yor is completely oblivious to this information. Yor ultimately reveals her spouse’s illness after meeting and defending Melinda Desmond in the previous chapter. Follow stoptechy

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Spy X Family Chapter 66

Loid now another way to get closer to his goal now that Yor and Melinda friends, something Anya is not pleased about. People want to know everything about Chapter 66. In this post. We will tell you numerous facts about the news that people interested in.

Now that Yor and Melinda are friends. Loid has another way to get close to his objective, which Anya is not thrilled about. How will Yor and Melinda’s new connection influence the Forger family? Continue reading to find out what occurred in Spy X Family Chapter 66. Yor began Spy X Family Chapter 65 by asking Anya whether she needed anything from the shop. She asks her to bring her crispy tea cakes, but Yor has no idea where to acquire them.

Spy X Family Chapter 66 Release Date

Yor proceeded to the city mall before inquiring about where she met a wealthy woman and her butler. Yor, who demonstrates her agility and flexibility, helped the lady when she tripped. Despite the fact that your team lost. the strange lady delighted to invite her to dinner with her pals. After inviting Yor to join their buddy circle, the lady revealed her name as Melinda Desmond, the wife of Loid’s target. Several things remain to said regarding the news. Which will covered in the next portion of the article.

Spy X Family Chapter 66 release date

Spy X Family Chapter 66 begins with Loid reacting to Yor’s new friend’s revelation. Loid surprised that Yor had befriended the ex-Prime Minister’s spouse, something Yor was unaware of. Loid began to wonder what Melinda wanted with Yor as the two continued to converse. You already know what happened when Melinda revealed her identity in the last chapter. Anya identified as her daughter after she overheard their children fighting on the first day of school. We have included all of the information we have about the news on this page. If we learn anything new, we will update this post. Stay tuned for additional information.



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