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Sophia Rosing video viral over the trending platform

Sophia is presently 22 years old, since she was born in 2000. Nobody knows her astrological sign. She was born in the American state of Kentucky.

She graduated from Beechwood High School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, where she began her studies. Follow stoptechy for more info.

At now, she is earning a bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky.

Video of Sophia Rosing becomes viral on Twitter and YouTube.

Sophia Rosing, a student at the University of Kentucky. They dismissed from both the school and the university after a video of her hitting and torturing a woman became viral online.

According to the accounts, Sophia inebriated at the time of the incident and insulted the black student. Who was also a member of the faculty, before hitting him violently. This video soon gained internet popularity and drew a great deal of attention, prompting the community and institution to take stern action. The youngster requested to return to the trials despite expelled from school.

As the victim leaving her place of employment to go to her dorm. She learned that Sophia inebriated and on college grounds. The victim begged Sophia to leave after their chat because she upset and intoxicated.

Sophia Rosing video

After an altercation, Sophia refused and even kicked and assaulted the victim. In a video captured by one of the victim’s pals, the victim can seen chuckling and handling the situation with amazing professionalism. The video of Sophia addressing the black student in a disrespectful manner immediately gained popularity on TikTok.

Later, it found that Sophia had insulted police officers and used disrespectful language. In short order, the news spread. She charged with third- and fourth-degree assault on a police officer as well as first- and second-degree public drunkenness.

Additionally, she charged with third- and second-degree disorderly behaviour. Even though the court declared the suspect not guilty. She freed without being prosecuted on Monday. Allegedly, the girl was abusing the rules, violating them, and exhibiting contempt, which upset many individuals.



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