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SONYA THOMAS Video viral over the Social media platfroms

Who is Sonya Thomas? – Biography, Age, Boyfriends

SONYA THOMAS Video viral is a tall, skinny girl who needs to eat more because everyone makes fun of her so thin. She eats the same kind of food as birds and is also very thin. Thomas is a competitive eater from Korea. He is about 37 years old, won more than 20 titles from competitions around the world. She ranked first in the world. She beat a lot of men in eating competitions, which is how she got the nickname “BLACK WIDOW.” For people who don’t know about this competition. The contestants are all sitting in front of each other and must start eating as soon as the whistle blows. Follow stoptechy

The winner is the person who eats their food first. By that time, these eating competitions were very popular and had become a popular sport.

Even these eating contests had their own federation, which was called the International Competitive Eating Federation. Over the past 30 years, these eating contests have become much more popular. There are now at least a few contests a year, and there are also many food festivals for people who like to eat. Now, there are many shows on FOX and other well-known TV channels, like TSUNAMI and THE GLUTTONOUS BOWL, that feature on-screen eating competitions. These shows have gotten a lot of attention and fans all over the world.

Video of SONYA THOMAS Going Viral

A lot of world records have set and broken in these eating competitions. A Japanese Thomas junior. Who the tallest of them all and the best in the world at eating traditional dishes in a set amount of time during specific events set a world record in both of these categories. Recently, the Food Federation said that these well-known eating contests were getting more and more popular as time went on. Before, many people didn’t like the idea of eating contests.

SONYA THOMAS Video viral

But for now, they are setting their own records, starting new trends, and gaining fans and admirers all over the world. This shows that eating is a skill or even a passion for some people. Not everyone needs to eat to stay alive. Some people only make it through the day because they want to eat tasty food that looks, smells, and tastes great.



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