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Some PS5s that used VRR were said to have flickering and burn-in problems.

A few months ago, Sony added variable refresh rate (VRR) support to the PS5. With this feature, the PS5 can automatically match the refresh rate of games on TVs and monitors that support HDMI 2.1. This makes it easier to see things in games that support VRR. Some PS5s that used VRR were said to have flickering. VRR is a great feature to have, but it may give some PS5 users trouble. GizChina, a Chinese news site, says that VRR on the PS5 has caused some users’ screens to flicker and burn-in. Check for more news.

According to the report, these problems started after the latest PS5 update. Most PS5s don’t seem to have flickering or burn-in issues, and there’s no way to fix them right now. These problems seem to be happening on third-party displays and Sony’s new Inzone monitors, which suggests that the shows aren’t the problem. The flickering and burn-in issues have only happened in games that support VRR, and they don’t go away when the game is closed, or the console is turned off and on again. Since I turned off VRR, the burn-in and flickering have improved. After turning off VRR, the problems seem to happen still. When the video output switched to a Windows PC via DisplayPort. Here, the flickering seems to depend on how fast the screen refreshes and can also cause burn-in. Some PS5s.

Sony has yet to admit the problem and publicly state it. If this happens right after the most recent update to the PS5, Sony will probably release another patch soon. Even though this isn’t a big problem, you should turn off VRR if any of these happen. It’s still not clear when Sony will put out a new update for the PS5 to fix these problems.



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