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Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins, Georgia, who? Woman is charged after she hit a Byron police car.

Sierra Hibbert: Who Is She?Warner Robins, Ga. Charges After a woman in Georgia hit a police car in Byron. We’ve heard that on Friday, a 24-year-old woman taken into custody in Byron. The woman is from the Warner Robbins neighbourhood. She arrested for driving recklessly and hitting a police car while a child was in the back seat of her car. What she did really dangerous. The small child sitting in the car could have been hurt. All of this led the police to look for the woman’s SUV on highway 42 in Byron, which she was driving on the wrong side of. Check STOPTECHY for more news.

Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins, Georgia, who?

The witnesses even stopped Sierra’s car at the intersection of highways 42 and 49, the police said. Police even tried to talk to the driver, but she wouldn’t work with them at all, so they couldn’t. The actions of the woman named Sierra can described as both irresponsible behaviour and dangerous driving. Most cases of reckless driving these days involve teens, and the number of cases of reckless driving has also gone up.

So that the driver couldn’t drive away, they had to put stop sticks under her tyres. According to what the police said, the driver was trying to back up, but she hit a car instead because she was speeding up. She then hit the police car and ran away on Highway 49. She is also accused of hitting not only the car but also two witnesses. The police officer then stopped her on the highway and took her into custody.

Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins

The woman is 24 years old and lives in the town of Warner Robbins. Her name is Sierra Hibbert. She is charged with reckless driving and hitting three police vehicles. A witness, and an officer. Her mugshot hasn’t made public yet. The good news is that no one seriously hurt. The Byron police even praised the people who helped a lot when the traffic stopped.

The Peach County Sheriff’s office was in charge of the investigation, and they also helped with Sierra’s case. Sheriff Terry said that the woman charged with six counts of aggravated assault. The charges could be made worse because she put a child in danger.



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