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“She gave us an Easter egg with the date she broke up with him on it!” Taylor Swift fans say that the singer’s music video for the song “Lavender Haze” showed that she and Joe Alwyn would break up.

Fans of Taylor Swift say that in the music video for her song “Lavender Haze,” she predicted that she and Joe Alwyn would break up.

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Entertainment Today said on April 8 that Taylor, who is 33, and Joe, who is 32, have broken up because they “grew apart.”

Since then, a fan with a sharp eye has noticed that 48 seconds into one of Taylor’s most popular new songs, she drops a match to hint that something is about to “blow up.”

The person insisted that the date they said they were splitting up and the timecode of the video were connected and that it was one of Taylor’s famous “Easter eggs.”

The pop star is known for leaving “clues” for her fans to find in her announcements and songs. These are called “Easter eggs.”

They took a picture of the scene and wrote, “At 00:48 in the Lavender Haze music video, Taylor Swift lights a match.”

“She burned everything on 4/8. She gave us an Easter egg on the day she broke up with her boyfriend.

Even though the fan was the first to notice the coincidence, other people quickly said she might be on to something.

One person said: ‘I wonder what else we’ve missed like damn.’

Someone else said, “SHUT UP, NO WAY!”

A third person wrote, “OMG, this woman.”

One person wrote, “I’ll be back in a minute to scream into my pillow,” and another said that the similarity was “insane.”

The song talks about being in a “lavender haze,” which is a term from the 1950s for being deeply in love with someone and in the “honeymoon phase.”



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