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Senator Azam wife Swati Full video viral on social media

Senator Azam Senator Azam wife Swati Full video viral on social media. A stubborn PTI member, wept in front of the media on Saturday. When he revealed that his family had received a poe#graphic film depicting him and his wife. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Swati arrested on October 13 due to a contentious tweet directed against the Army Chief. He is presently free on bail. Swati alleges he was subjected to abuse and nude filming while in detention.

Yesterday about 9 p.m., when his wife phoned him from Islamabad. Swati blamed establishment insiders for his suffering. They telling the media that he had to ask his daughter to talk with his wife and determine what was happening. When his wife phoned, she was shouting and weeping, so he had to inquire what was wrong.

On her insistance, his wife disclosed that an unidentified number had emailed her a video of the duo, he said. He said, “I cannot continue because the daughters and grandchildren of my nation are listening.”

Senator proceeded by claiming that his tearful daughter informed him that the video also featured his wife.

Before bursting into tears, the senator questioned. “How is that possible?” His daughter had also told him that the footage was from when Swati and his wife had visited Quetta, where Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani had entertained them.

Senator recounted that Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani. Who respected his wife, arranged for them to stay in one of the Supreme Court’s judicial lodges in Quetta.

“You (Sanjrani) devised a strategy to protect a senior senator and your aunt (Swati’s wife) in that region. And you advised me to stay there since there were no Supreme Court judges in Quetta,” he said.

Once again overtaken with emotion, Swati lamented that his wife forced to leave the nation and relocate to a “safe area.” He bemoaned that his granddaughters were “forced to leave the nation with traumas and wounds.”

Is this Pakistan, where the purity of a marriage is at risk? I pray to my God, he said.

After describing his “custodial torture” for the first time on November 1. Swati recounted his narrative of a second purported experience he reportedly endured.



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