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What is the Primark fight video of Heluvara? Full video explanation and CCTV video of the fight in Birmingham!

Everyone likes to watch other people fight. One example of this is a fighting video that is going viral online and is already talked about on social media. If you use the Internet often, you’ve probably already seen this video. This video is very popular online, and a lot of news sites are currently talking about it. “Birmingham Primark Fight Video” is a popular search term that people use a lot. The video was first shared on Twitter and Reddit, the sources say, and then it went to other social media sites. People want to know what really happened between the two girls in the viral video where they are fighting badly, so we have come up with the answers. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the popular video. Follow for more information.

This video is from the Primark store in Birmingham.

In the video, two women can seen arguing at a Primark in Birmingham. There is a lot of talk about this video on the internet. The store, which is in the United Kingdom and sells the newest clothes, is called Primark, according to news. The store is right in Birmingham. It has at least 5 floors and about 160,100 square feet of floor space all together. The store is part of a chain of stores owned Associated British Foods that has locations in the US and Europe. It sells a lot of different things, like clothes for kids and babies, clothes for women and adults, accessories, shoes, and home decor, among other things. Primark Fight Video

CCTV footage from a Birmingham clothing store

The video shows a fight between two women in the Primark store in Birmingham. On social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, you can watch women fight violently and then stop. One of the women is white, and the other is African-Caribbean. After the video went viral on the Internet, a lot of people wrote about it and said what they thought about it. A Twitter user said that it was strange to see such a nasty fight in a well-known fast-fashion store. Another user, on the other hand, said that “it’s hard to accept this kind of conflict in a well-known place.”

What happened at the clothing store in Birmingham?

On July 9, 2022, two women fought in a Birmingham Primark. Where this video taken. The fight caught on CCTV and now the most popular thing on social media. People on the Internet say that the camera caught the white woman urinating while she was wearing a robe. It’s hard for people to accept such smart women in public. The woman seen in the video hasn’t said anything about this yet.



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