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Pink Venom Blackpink video was the most popular 2022 YouTube music.

Pink Venom Blackpink video is one of South Korea’s most popular and well-liked girl groups. K-pop has just taken over the charts, and many South Korean musicians are coming up with brand-new, fascinating, and mind-blowing musical ideas. Fans delighted about a new song by Blackpink. Which released on Friday. Pink Venom, a single released this Friday by the girl K-pop group Blackpink. They earned a lot of great feedback and swiftly rose to the top 100 of the Billboard charts. The song included in a list of the top 24 hours’ most popular videos. In addition to gaining a lot of attention from online users. Let’s go through Blackpink’s most recent single in detail. Follow stoptechy

Blackpink’s Pink Venom Teaser Image

Blackpink’s pink venom has piqued the interest of the internet community. It has swiftly moved to the top of the most watched videos on YouTube in 2022. It received an astonishing 86.2 million views in just 24 hours, making it the fourth most viewed video on YouTube. While BTS maintains its top two positions with its two songs. Butter and Dynamite, Blackpink’s other song, How You Like That, which has 86.3 million views in 24 hours, remains in third place. In a 24-hour span, Dynamite garnered only 101.1 likes, compared to Butter’s astonishing 108.2 million views.

Ice Cream, Blackpink’s other video single featuring Selena Gomez. This is presently in fifth place on YouTube in terms of views in 24 hours, with 79 million views. Blackpink makes a comeback this year, two years after the release of Ice Cream. Despite ranking fourth, the pink poison song was the first to receive millions of views in a 24-hour period. Pink Venom, which released on Friday, August 19, 2022, around 1 PM KST. Became the year’s most-watched video in under 24 hours. Although it is presently among the top hits, it may go up the list in the coming days.

Pink Venom Blackpink video

Pink Venom has revealed as the lead track from Black Pink’s upcoming Born Pink album, which is set to be released in September. This song drew both domestic and international fans, and it even included a few bars with traditional Korean instruments. Furthermore, YouTube Shorts has launched the Pink Venom dancing challenge, which is increasing views as fans take the challenge.

Born Pink, Blackpink’s future song, is set to be released on September 15, 2022. Blackpink members Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisso will all perform at the MTV Video Music Concert on August 28, 2022, and they have also recently announced a world tour that will span from October 2022 to June 2023.



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