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Photos of Karishma Tanna and her husband Varun Bangera’s “Getaway.”

New Delhi: Karishma Tanna is giving us many photos from her trip to Lonavla. She’s not the only one, of course. Karishma is with her loving husband, Varun Bangera. In her most recent post, Karishma talks about their trip. We can’t help but go on and on about it. In a set of photos, she shows how her pool time helps her get over the midweek blues. When we swipe left, we see a cute picture of the two of them. Karishma didn’t give the caption much thought, so she just wrote “Water Babies.” FOR More stoptechy

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Watch this video of Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera, who she calls her “baby.” When the clip starts, the two are sitting in a car. A few seconds later, it goes to their times at the pool. “Get away with baby Varun Bangera,” Karisma wrote for her caption.

Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera give us a couple of goals we can’t miss. The two got married in February, and they have a strong group of fans who look up to them. We loved everything about how the couple spent Valentine’s Day this year. Karishma Tanna wore a red dress to the date night, and Varun wore a white shirt and a pair of jeans. The room looked great and like a dream. Karishma Tanna wrote, “Perfect Valentine’s Day cards for my Valentine.” She also said, “Loved the decoration. “How sweet!”

Everyone loved the wedding diaries from Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera’s big day. We’ll never forget how bright and colorful their wedding and the events leading up to it were. From Karishma Tanna’s Mehendi dance for the groom-to-be to her happy poses with the Heena work, the actress has posted many photos and videos from the event on the Internet.



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