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Pastora Rossy Guzman video viral on social media

Below, you can see a video of Pastora Rossy Guzman on Twitter. Currently, video de la pastora twitter is one of the subjects. That are popular across a number of channels, including social media. The Public Ministry quickly initiated action against Pastor Rossy Guzmán Sánchez. The leader of the Shalom Tierra de Paz church, as a consequence of the widely circulated film, for suspected instances of corruption during the execution of the so-called “Choral Operation.” Follow stoptechy for more info.

Pastora Rossy Guzmán: Who is she?

In addition to being a longtime participant in Shalom Tierra de Paz Church activities. Rossy Guzmán served as its past minister. She taken into custody when one of her private films appeared online.

Additionally, it revealed that due to possible ties to Major General Adán Cáceres. The security head for former president Danilo Medina, Guzmán Sánchez was questioned three times by the Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) in February. He also detained on Saturday in connection with the same accusations.

Details about the leaked Pastora Rossy video

Pastora Rossy Guzmán’s leaked film is undoubtedly a trending viral video. Since so many people are still searching for it and are having trouble finding it because of how famous it has grown to be. Do not be concerned; we will release Pastora Rossy Guzmán’s video.



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