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Over 13 million electric vehicles have already been registered in India.

vvIndia has come a long way in its quest to turn its transportation systems into electric ones. Nitin Gadkari, in charge of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, talked about how the country has made progress in promoting and using EVs and EV charging infrastructure. Gadkari said that more than 13 million electric vehicles had been registered in India so far, and there are 2,800 charging stations all over the country.

Since a while ago, the Indian government has been pushing for electric vehicles to be used in the country. The FAME II program and state-level promotions have done a lot to make it easier for civilians to buy electric vehicles (EVs). Investing from the public and private sectors in an ever-growing network of EV charging infrastructure. is also a big part of how the EV industry works. Check stoptechy for more news.

The Transport Minister says India has registered over 13 million electric vehicles.

In a meeting of the Rajya Sabha, Minister Nitin Gadkari of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that more than 13 lakh electric vehicles are registered in India right now. This doesn’t include people who are registered in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana State, or the Lakshadweep Islands. In the minister’s testimonies, people said that the FAME II scheme was a big reason EVs caught on in India.

Under the FAME II program, approval has been given for 2,877 EV charging stations in 68 cities. There will also be 1,567 charging stations on nine expressways and 16 highways.

According to the VAHAN 4 portal, there are currently 13,34,385 electric vehicles registered in the country. This does not include the cars registered in the three states and one Union Territory mentioned above. Gadkari also says that the Bureau of Efficiency says. That as of July 14, 2022, 2,826 charging stations are already up and running.

In India, most of the growth in the last three years has come from sales of electric vehicles (EVs). Estimates show that the industry could grow at a CAGR of 36%. It is also expected that sales will be three times as high this fiscal year as in FY21-22. India could sell 8–9 lakh units by itself in FY22–23.

India is a strong market for cars. fact that 13.24 percent of all cars in the world are in India. Shows a lot about the potential of the industry in the country. Many companies have already put at least one EV on the market in India and many more are on the way.



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