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Ola Electric launch ceremony on October 22nd: the cheapest Ola S1 yet?


Ola Electric will have its Diwali celebration in India on October 22nd.

CEO Bhavish Aggarwal predicts major announcements that would “accelerate EV adoption in India.” Follow stoptechy for more info.

In India, Ola Electric may introduce a more cheap electric scooter.

Ola Electric may be working on a new electric scooter with a cheaper price tag and fewer features. In order to appeal to a larger audience. The new Ola electric scooter, probably an Ola S1 variation. It will unveiled on October 22nd during the company’s Diwali event, according to CEO Bhavish Aggarwal. While nothing is known about the vehicle. It is expected that Ola would sell it approximately Rs 80,000, placing. It in the middle of India’s scooter sector.

Ola Electric launch ceremony

Given that the FAME – II subsidy expires in March 2024. Automakers may preparing to lower manufacturing costs as well as end-user expenses.

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced their Diwali 2022 event through a tweet. Which the top executive hinted of an approaching “major surprise.” The October 22nd event is likely to include a new low-cost EV product to appeal to a wider audience.

The news, according to CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, “will speed the #EndICEAge revolution by at least 2 years.” While the exact specs of this incoming new product are uncertain. Ola Electric expected to forego some of the pricier features. The new device may retain some linked technology. But it is unlikely to have music playing, cruise control, or hill descent control. Ola Electric might possibly headed in the direction of a smaller battery pack combined with a more efficient motor.

Know all about Ola Electric launch ceremony

On September 7th, Ola Electric debuted the Ola S1 luxury electric scooter in India. A price tag of Rs 99,999. (ex-showroom).

The new S1 is powered by a 3kWh baOla Electric launch event on October 22nd. Cheapest Ola S1 to released? ttery pack with 141km range and most of the bells and whistles seen on the S1 Pro. Our comparison of the Ola S1 with the Ola S1 Pro can found here.



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