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Ojol Ayam video viral over social media

Online transportation firms like Ojol have revolutionized food delivery and transportation. Many individuals depend on these services for ease and accessibility. Yet, a popular TikTok video has sparked animal welfare and public health arguments. Follow stoptechy for more info.

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“Ojol Viral Ayam” shows a motorist se#ing a chicken. TikTok uploaded the terrible clip, which picked up by news sites and reposted on Twitter and Telegram. Several viewers appalled by the video’s content.

The video aroused animal cruelty worries. Handling animals in such a way is not just immoral but also illegal in many countries. The video’s conduct has criticized, with many urging animal gentleness. Several viewers want to sue the Ojol driver in the video.

The video raised ethical and public health issues. Animal-human se#ual interaction may spread diseases. This occurrence emphasizes the need of animal safety and zoonotic disease education.

Social media’s influence on public opinion and understanding has shown by the extensive distribution of the “Ojol Viral Ayam” video. It has also highlighted the need of proper social media usage and the risks of spreading bad material.

The video’s popularity and debate highlight the need for animal welfare and public health education. It emphasizes people’ and communities’ ethical social media usage. The horrific “Ojol Viral Ayam” video has raised awareness of animal welfare, public health, and appropriate social media usage. simplify it



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