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Notti DD Osama death video has been released; what happened to Notti Osama?

Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti Osama. They recently stabbed to death following a scuffle at a New York City subway station. His 14-year-old brother, Notti DD Osama death video, also expressed homage on social media after the tragedy on July 11. Notti Osama stabbed to death on July 9 at 3 p.m. at the 137th Street/City College subway station following a fight with a 15-year-old competitor. Osama died later at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital. Follow stoptechy for more info

The cause for the fight not revealed. But according to law enforcement officials, the two youngsters had some troubles. The suspect has detained and charged with first-degree manslaughter and illegal possession.

Notti DD Osama death video

Initially, the 15-year-old charged with second-degree murder. All of that changed when prosecutors learned that Reyes had surrounded the defendant and threatened him with a broom. Ethan and his comrades soon outnumbered the defendant, but as he attempted to flee, the defendant stabbed him.

Police discovered a knife and a broom at the incident. Which also videotaped.

The defendant’s identity no longer known. But he brought to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for stab wounds, according to authorities.

Notti DD Osama death video viral

The claim that he knew the victim adds to the senselessness of this heinous crime.”

Notti Osama is a 14-year-old New York rapper. Authorities think this is what sparked the tragic brawl.

Osama, the youngest of six children, released his new song “Without You” with images of his brother two weeks ago. Lily Ortega, Osama’s cousin, recalled him as a joyful and kind youngster who enjoyed spending time with her family.

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Osama’s work, educational background, and family not publicized since the teenager’s career has just just began.

After learning of the rapper’s death, tributes began to flow in.

In Manhattan, a candlelight memorial ceremony conducted. A friend of the rapper claimed he had a million-dollar grin. The unnamed individual further said that Reyes is driven to become a rapper and works hard every day to attain his aspirations.



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