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Nick Chubb squatting 675 pounds video viral on social media

Nick Chubb squatting 675 pounds video viral on social media. The video shows why it’s so hard for the Cleveland Browns’ opponents to beat Nick Chubb. Check stoptechy for more news.

The video of Nick Chubb squatting 675 pounds has gone viral on social media.

Nick Chubb went to the Williams Strength Facility at Cedartown High School in Georgia. He showed off how strong he was, and many people who went to see him fell in love with him. The player looks like he has 7–45 lb. plates on both of his sides, for a total of 14 rounds.

Nick Chubb had done two full reps with the 600+ lb. bar, but then the squatter surrounded by the other two spotters, who were on his left and right sides. But Nick Chubb done with the lift. The player had lifted a bar that weighed 675 pounds, which looked easy for him to do. The rusher is ready for another season in the Pro Bowl of the National Football League of the United States of America.

A Video of Nick Chubb Squatting 675 Pounds

Nick Chubb is one of the most well-known running backs in American football. He plays for the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns team. The player is named after his great-grandfather, and he comes from the family that started Chubbtown, Georgia, which made for black people to protect them from the American Civil War.

Nick Chubb’s older brother played cornerback for Troy University, and Nick Chubb’s other older brother, Zach, played defensive back for the Air Force. Chubb’s father played for Valdosta State, and his uncle Aaron used to play linebacker for Georgia. Nick Chubb’s cousin was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2018, and Nick Chubb’s other cousin, Brandon Chubb, was signed as an undrafted free agent by multiple NFL teams in the United States.

There have a lot of football players in the Chubb family. Nick Chubb went to Cedartown High School in the United States city of Cedartown, Georgia. When he was in school, Nick Chubb used to play two different sports for the Bulldogs team. Sources say that Nick Chubb was on both a football team and a track team, but he didn’t grow much on the track team and reached the sky in football. Later, when Nick Chubb was older, he started to play sports.



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