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News about SEAN SERRA car crash accident video, family, age, funeral, and death as a drag racer!

The racing community and fans are sad about the death of a racer. Since the news came out, everyone in the racing world has shocked and has found it hard to deal with the loss of another competitor. People who like racing are curious about which racer died and how. So far, it has found out that the racer, whose name SEAN SERRA car crash accident, died in a car crash. Keep reading to find out more about this accident. Reports say that Sean Serra, a drag racer, died in a car accident recently. This thing happened in the Virginia city of Hanover. Reports say that at the time of the accident, he was sitting in the passenger seat and his friend was driving. Follow stoptechy.com to get more news.

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SEAN SERRA car crash accident

A 27-year-old commuter killed in a car accident on the way to Washington Highway in Virginia. Sean Serra, a racer, was reportedly in a 2006 BMW when it flipped over and landed on the driver’s side. The driver passenger already gotten out of the car after the crash. Also, the driver of the car hurt very badly and is treated at MCV Hospital right now. But the racer who sitting in the passenger seat quickly found out. After hearing about his terrible and sad death, his fans are grieving and paying tribute to him online. We also want to say that we are very sorry for his untimely death.

Who is Sean Serra?

Serra belonged to the Qatar Racing Club and raced in drag races. He also worked as a marketing consultant. They also very interested in racing, and he took part in races all over the country, winning many prizes along the way. Recently ran in races on the weekends and won the SFG $20K tournament in Martin, Michigan. Sad to say, he got into an accident and died in a one-car crash. Hanover County Police say that the car went the wrong way, which caused it to flip. During the process, two people inside the car thrown out.

Biography of Sean Serra and Wikipedia

The racer gave up right then and there. At this time, we don’t know how well the person who hurt is. There were rumors that Allison Lloyd and Sean Austin Serra were going out together. Allison shared a picture of the two of them on her social media account after he died. Even though his family hasn’t said anything yet about his death, because they are still sad about it, we respect their right to privacy. We’ll put a new message here as soon as they say something.



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