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Know why NASA is launching an iPad into space:

The Apple iPad will go on NASA’s Artemis 1 moon mission to help test Alexa in space and show how consumer technology might interface with future spacecraft.Know why NASA is launching an iPad into space. Follow stoptechy

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Apple will deliver vital cargo to NASA’s next moon rocket. According to 9to5Mac, the US space agency deploy an iPad inside. Orion, an uncrewed spaceship on the Artemis 1 Moon mission. Why? One could wonder. According to the article, the iPad will aid in the testing of Amazon’s digital speech assistant, Alexa, on Orion.

NASA is launching an iPad into space

The Apple iPad will be part of Callisto, which will show how consumer technology may be integrated with future spaceships. For the technical demonstration, NASA will employ Amazon Alexa and Cisco WebEx. The mission’s goal is to show how voice commands may enhance how astronauts live and operate in space. Lockheed Martin and NASA are apparently working on Callisto alongside Amazon and Cisco.

The industry-funded payload will located on Orion’s centre console and will include a tablet that will test Webex by Cisco video conferencing software to transmit video and audio from the Mission Control Center at Johnson, as well as custom-built Lockheed Martin and Amazon hardware and software that will test Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based virtual assistant, to respond to the transmitted audio.” ” NASA stated this earlier this year in a blog post.

NASA is launching an iPad into space know why

The report went on to say that “Callisto will interact with Alexa and react via NASA’s Deep Space Network and a local database aboard the spaceship.” The payload’s on-board gear has strengthened to withstand the radiation environment encountered throughout Orion’s deep space trip, “the report went on to say.

Since the Apollo Program concluded in the mid-1970s, NASA has been planning its next moon mission, Artemis. The goal of the Artemis mission is to build things that will help people explore the moon and deep space in the future.

“I can see a future where astronauts can use simple voice commands to access information on flight status and telemetry. Such as spacecraft orientation, water supply levels, or battery voltage status.” In a blog post, Howard Hu, deputy Orion programme manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, stated.

“Orion is already the most advanced spacecraft ever designed to transport astronauts to the Moon. Voice activation technology has the potential to take it to the next level by making the interactive computer systems of science fiction spaceships. A reality for the next generation of explorers,” he went on to say.



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