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Ms. Aliya Hamza Malik Climbed The Gate Of Parliament Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube!

A video of Ms. Aliya Hamza Malik from PTI is getting viral. In the video, Aliya climbing a gate and she was protesting while the video shot. In an argument, some women along with her were climbing the gate and that particular video of hers is gaining, massive attention on the internet. Many tweets and videos released where the women seen climbing onto the gate in order to enter the building. The express tribune as well shared the video of Aliya climbing the gate. Let us find out more about what happened? And why Aliya seen climbing the gate? Stay tuned to our website stoptechy for more latest updates!!!!!!!

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Ms. Aliya Hamza Malik Climbed The Gate Of Parliament Video

The protest against the law which passed in the parliament of Pakistan that said that the Pakistanis who were overseas weren’t allowed to vote in the upcoming elections, also the voting process which involved the usage of the electronic voting machine was to be removed. In short, the electronic voting system to removed. The protest was against these two laws and they were asking not to publish and act on such laws. Although the protesters were denied, they were still there in front of the parliament and were protesting. In another report, it also came out that the parliament sitting which involved a joint sitting aborted.

Who Is Ms. Aliya Hamza Malik?

Although the officials were denying the protests and asked the protesters to leave their protest, the protesters were in a rage and did not move back. They were climbing the gate and were continuously chanting slogans against the law. The protest was led by Aliya Hamza, Kanwal Shauzab, and Maleeka Bokhari. While addressing the viral video, express tribune news said that Tehreek-e-insaaf, a female MNA’s protested outside the parliament house. PTI prominent Aliya Hamza seen climbing the gate. While the others were repeatedly chanting slogans. The women were waving kitchenware and chanting slogans against Government.

Two prominent bills passed in the parliament which included the voting systems and the voting of foreign settlers, and also joint parliament sittings. The bills were passed on the 27th of May and since the women and people on the quest. Rather the parliament or PTI members are questioning the bill passed. The protest is called Tehreek-e-insaaf, which says, in order to get justice, the protesters fighting against the parliament and the laws passed. It is now to be how will the government enact in such a situation and will they take away the laws or not.



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