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Mercedes Benz EQG EV SUV details revealed

A retro-styled EV SUV based on the G-Class will have as much power. As the G 63 AMG and a unique G-Turn function. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Mercedes Benz EQG EV SUV details revealed, Mercedes-Benz has started testing the EQG EV SUV based on the G-Class off-roader. According to the company, the brand is using a series of prototype SUVs that have finished two years of a four-year engineering program.

The W463 G-Class will be the basis for EQG.

  • Austrians will make it.
    There will be four electronic motors in the EV drivetrain.
    The electric G-Class starts a new chapter of electrification for the traditional hard-core off-roader.
  • Which has a mainstay of the German carmaker’s lineup since 1979. The EQG was first shown as a concept car at the Munich Motor Show last year. It will be Mercedes-ninth Benz’s all-electric model.
  • Emmerich Schiller, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, says that the EQG will also be the technological leader for the new G (for “Gelandewagen”) sub-brand.

Mercedes-Benz EQG: chassis

The EQG is based on the latest version of G-Class. Which called the W463. It is built on a modified version of the steel ladder-frame chassis used by models with internal combustion engines. It will make at the same plant in Graz, Austria, as those models.

Early prototypes that can drive on the road show that the EQG will have the same square-rigged look as other G-Class models. Even though they hidden, they have standard body panels and a few small but unique details. Like a new front bumper and a blanked-off grille, which hinted at in the earlier concept.

The EQG is different from other Mercedes-Benz EQ models because it does not have a front trunk or luggage compartment. The charging cable will be kept in a lockable box. As shown in the concept. It will be attached to the side-opening tailgate instead of the spare tire.

A new electric drivetrain with four electric motors, one for each wheel, is at the heart of the technical development of the EQG. It is the only EQ model Mercedes-Benz has right now, and it is similar to the SLS E-Cell, which Mercedes-AMG Benz’s performance car division made in small numbers in 2013. US electric car startup Rivian uses the same four-motor layout for its R1 SUV and pick-up.

The electric motors in the front placed low on each side of the axle. The rear electric motors built into a new de Dion-style rear axle for the EQG. This style chosen because it gives “good traction and flexibility of the suspension.” Each electric motor can send its power to each wheel through a two-speed mechanical gearbox with high-range and low-range gearing.

Mercedes-Benz EQG: Technology for Off-Road

Mercedes-Benz isn’t saying how much power and torque its newest electric car has yet. But the company hints that there will be different models with different outputs. Including an AMG flagship that would match the performance of the current Mercedes-AMG G63 4Matic with its 577hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8.

In addition to Eco, Comfort, and Sport. The new G-Class will also have Trail, Rock, and Sand modes for driving off-road. Off-road, there is also a creeper mode that lets the driver set a certain speed ahead of time.

For better performance off-road, the four electric motors can also imitate the three locking differentials (one on each axle and one in the transfer case) of the G-Class models with gas engines. In very bad weather, the collective drive can sent to a single wheel to keep traction and keep moving.

Also, a button on the dashboard called “G-Turn” makes the electric motors on one side turn the wheels forward, and the ones on the other side turn the wheels backward. This lets the EQG make 360-degree tank turns on the spot. The shift paddles on the steering wheel let the driver choose whether to turn left or right.

Because the front electric motors packed closely into the front axle. The front wheels can turn at a wider angle. This gives the G-Class a turning circle that is “considerably better” than that of other G-Class models with internal combustion engines.

Mercedes-Benz EQG: battery

The new drivetrain works with a battery. It is built into the floor and under the back seat. The lithium-ion unit shares the same cell technology as the EQXX concept. Mercedes-Benz says that the unit can use “around 100kWh” of energy.

As with other Mercedes-Benz EQ models. A regeneration system lets the D+, D, and D- models collect kinetic energy in three steps.

The battery is protected by a strong, sealed case that lets the EQG drive through deep water. This is for driving off-road in extreme conditions. A layer of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer compound. It also added to the steel casing to protect it from rocks and other impacts.

Mercedes Benz EQG EV SUV details revealed

One benefit of putting the battery on the floor. The EQG’s center of gravity is much lower than that of the G-Class, even though it is heavier. Underneath, the front double-wishbone and rear trailing arm suspensions are similar to those on G-Class models with internal combustion engines.

Mercedes-Benz isn’t ready to talk much about things like ground clearance or approach, departure, and break-over angles yet. However, they say that the EQG will not only perform. As well as diesel- and gasoline-powered G-Class models off-road but, in some cases, even better.



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