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America’s MasterChef Junior Season 8 Grand Finale Winner Name, Prize Money, Runner-up, and More!

Even though there are a lot of great webseries and movies out there, many people still love to watch reality shows. There are a lot of shocking and interesting reality shows on TV that keep people’s attention and interest. Even the people who make the shows know what kinds of ideas keep people interested and help get a high TRP. One of these reality shows was shown on TV, ending when the winner was announced. Yes, you are right that we are talking about the popular cooking-themed reality show MasterChef Junior Season 8 Grand Finale Winner Name. Follow our website stoptechy.com for the latest news!!!!!

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MasterChef Junior Season 8 Grand Finale Winner Name

Those who have already seen the episode know who won. But those who haven’t yet wanted to know who won this season. The eighth season of MJ is one of the hardest shows to watch. In this episode, the contestants had to do a lot of crazy tasks. Like cooking for a large group of people at a Renaissance Faire or working with WWE superstars on a tag-team task. Even though these challenges have stumped a lot of young contestants. Two very talented chefs have grown in the show’s kitchen and made it to the top two. Both Liya Chu and Grayson Price are in the top two.

The name of the winner of Season 8 of America’s MasterChef Junior

In the last show of the eighth season, the two finalists faced off against each other for the last time. Now, with a cash prize of $100,000, a trip to Las Vegas to have dinner with chef Gordon Ramsay, and brand-new appliances in the kitchen, she has won the 8th season and been named the winner. Who seemed to be the show’s winner. The crowd and the families of the top two contestants were already there and cheered for them. The contest was very thought-provoking, and it was hard for the judges to choose just one winner.

But when it comes to an idea, only one can win. The winner of the eighth season of the show was Liya. She got a trophy, a prize, and the title of winner. Everyone in the room started clapping when her name was called the winner. Liya said she wants to open two restaurants in the future after she wins.



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