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Marmolada Crollo incident video went viral, On Reddit and Twitter

Watch: The Marmolada Crollo incident video has shared a lot on Reddit and Twitter. The disturbing video shows what happens to the ecosystem when people act in certain ways.

Marmolada, a mountain in Italy, fell when a glacier began to melt. The ice avalanche is one of the most scary things you might even see online. A video made, and right now it’s getting a lot of attention online. Follow stoptechy

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Stories that haven’t proven say that the Dolomites’ rising temperature led to the collapse. People who live near the mountain are afraid because they have heard that people have died there.

People on Reddit and Twitter can’t stop talking about the Marmolada avalanche.

If you watch the video, you can see the whole thing. When a glacier breaks apart and slides down the mountain, it causes a big avalanche of ice.

According to reports, six people have already died because of the avalanche. 16 more people are still missing, and 9 more people with serious injuries have found. Right now, drones are used by the government to do a thorough search.

Here is a link that will take you straight to the video on Twitter. There are also a lot of subreddit teams talking about the problem.

Rollo, Ghiacciaio, Marmolada, Punta Rocca, and Glacier

Landslides, climate, changes in the local weather, and the disaster caused by the local weather are all part of breaking news.

In the Marmolada Crollo Incident, what caused the avalanche?
Customers say on social media that the crollo in Marmolada is because of changes in the weather.

Several social media stars and environmentalists have brought up the issue as an example of how the weather is changing in their area. If temperatures rise without kept in check, mountains and glaciers could melt, causing disasters that kill people and damage property.

Not a single news source has yet mentioned that the building fell down. Still, a lot of people continue to talk about it on their Facebook and Instagram stories, which brings more attention to the effects of climate change.

Marmolada Crollo incident video


Reddit and Instagram posts about the Marmolada Glacier Breakup
A lot of Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit users have talked about the avalanche on Marmolada.

Most influential people see it as an environmental problem and think that if we don’t stop as soon as possible, it will happen again. After seeing the video, one might think about how to be kind to the environment.

The highest mountain in the Dolomites is called Marmolada. It is in northeastern Italy. It is halfway between the borders of Trentino and Veneto. It’s height is 3343 meters.



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