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Model Maddie Cooper video viral on Reddit and Twitter!

A Myanmar lady named Nang Mwe San recently found guilty and sentenced to six years in jail by a military court. We Saware that our audience is interested. Maddie Cooper video did and why she sentenced, so we shall explain. According to the military court, she had posted inti#ate and exp#cit images on the social networking site known as online. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Who exactly is Maddie Cooper?

Consequently, she is both a well-known model and the latter. As a result of publishing these kind of images on social media. She has lately been the subject of widespread conversation. In addition, she has participated in various demonstrations against the army that will formed in 2021. However, Maddie is the first girl to join this gang of enthusiasts, and she now incarcerated for this material.

viral video of Maddie Cooper

She arrested based on a statute that due to issued in August. Her court appearance planned for October. She also really apologetic for what she had done. She stated that posting indecent images and videos of herself on these websites had caused her pain.

Even though she has charged with breaching Section 33 A of the country’s Electronic Transactions Act. Which carries a maximum term of more than seven years. We are aware that these activities are becoming rather prevalent in this generation. She dwells in the North, a territory said to be under martial law.

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Regarding her family background, there is little information accessible. Although in an interview, her mother revealed that she had been unable to contact her daughter by phone for many weeks. She then had a conversation with her and realised that she was oblivious of the situation.



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