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Why Lubiri teachers arrested? Charges Explained

Why Did Teachers in Lubiri teachers Arrested? Charges Spelled Out: Today, we’re going to talk about news that might make you feel bad and might even be against the rules. Two teachers from Lubiri High School arrested. Recently because they didn’t stop a gross act from happening and even let it filmed. The story is about the bus school incident that has been in the news a lot recently. In that situation, the students doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing, and they caught on camera doing these crazy things. It happened on June 10, which is today, but the event has been very controversial. Check for more news.

Lubiri teachers arrested

Joseph Nsubuga and Lydia Nabakka charged with C/S 389 of the penal code. Which says that they didn’t do enough to stop a felony. Not only was it wrong, but it was also not what a teacher should do. When the students were coming back from a trip to Jinja, they did things that were not appropriate. Those students will also kicked out of school.

But the teachers arrested all of a sudden. Instead, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations started an investigation that followed up with many inquiries. As they watched the students do inappropriate things on the school bus while the teachers ignored it, they decided to arrest the two teachers.

Why Did Teachers Lubiri Get Arrested?

Fred Enanga, a spokesman for CP, said in a statement that police found out from the DPP. The teachers keeping an eye on their students properly while they were on the school bus trip.

He also said that they had recommended to the school administration that the student suspended right away. This taken into account right away because the student’s behavior not appropriate for a student. Especially since they shared the video on social media, which could have hurt them.

There also a suggestion that when the students go back to school. The officers in charge of the area should talk to them about how their behavior wasn’t right and what they should focus on during their learning stage. The police also said that giving so many students only two teachers a mistake on their part. They needed to look into it so that the same mistake doesn’t happen again.



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