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LT Stabbing Death Video goes viral on Twitter and the full video of the Brisbane stabbing goes viral on Twitter.

LT Stabbing Death Video on Twitter and the full Twitter video of the Brisbane stabbing as it goes viral on the internet: A video that uploaded to Twitter and since gone viral depicts a horrifying event in which a young man. Who the father of a daughter who only one year old, was murdered by a man who 20 years old.

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The two groups engage in combat with one another. The second group has three boys, of which two of them support him. However, the 20-year-old boy in the group went beyond his limit. He also carrying a weapon, so he killed him on the spot by stabbing a knife into his body.

People are now sharing the video of his death on social media. Because many people interested in viewing the full incident video. Consequently, the specifics of this video’s leak have discussed at length here. Keep up with the latest news on STOPTECHY

Who exactly is this Lauie? Michael Tagaloa, anyway?

On the spot, the boy was the one who ended his life by taking his own. According to the information provided by his friends, he just recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. At the time, he only 24 years old, had married for a year. A daughter who was a year old. He had the kindest heart of anyone, and he helped everyone he could. He also had a great body, which demonstrated that he took care of himself physically. On the same day that he went to the food court with his friends and there. Where the two groups got into a fight after the argument, he came to the attention of the public when a video of him went viral on the internet.

LT Stabbing Death Video

According to the reports, he went to the food court in Brisbane with his friends. And while he there, he got into a fight with a group of three people after an argument.

Two of the people who supported him said that the 20-year-old boy couldn’t stand that. So he took his knife out of his pocket, and when Lauie went towards him. He stabbed the knife in his body, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

You will find a link to the video that we have provided below; feel free to check it out.

Twitter and Reddit video of LT being stabbed.

Yes, the offender taken into custody right there and then as his friends caught up with him. Due to the fact that he in possession of a weapon at the time of the murder. He will charged with numerous offenses.

Because he skipped the first hearing for his case and currently detained. The judge may decide to increase his sentence and order him to make restitution to the court in addition to paying a fine.

Because no one in his family is able to take care of the baby anymore, his friends have started a page on which they invite people to contribute money and other resources to assist them in meeting their basic needs.



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