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OnlyFans model Louise Roberts video and photographs went popular on Reddit and Twitter

Louise Roberts video does not want her pupils to see her on Onlyf. The A#lt model does not want her old students to view her that way. During the flu pandemic, many teachers, like Louise Roberts, made the decision to change occupations. They opted to apply their abilities online behind a paywall rather than in a classroom. Louise began uploading photographs online after working. As a teacher for the preceding 40 years and finally converted to become an Only F model. She afterwards established a career as an influencer.

Louise Roberts Viral Photos & Videos

Louise’s former pupils have sought to contact her through social media. This is not to imply that changing occupations is without consequences. Louise told the interviewer that some of her pupils had discovered her social media profiles and approached her. She is afraid that if somebody discovers her and stops any of her previous pupils from finding her. They will discovered.

She said that her former students may locate her on Instagram. They are astonished to see her and comment on how well she looks to be. She does not reply to their remarks. Alice asserted that the story had gotten a lot of attention, citing Miss Roberts’ appearance on OnlyF as proof. I had to immediately ban folks who were texting me. As a consequence, I had to proceed with considerable caution.

Louise is concerned that if past pupils discover that the information created expressly for her, they would attempt to take it. Belinda, an ex-teacher who has now become an OnlyF model, warned that some of her old pupils may locate her on the website and try to photograph something to share with their friends. I don’t want to become too engaged and end up closing down OnlyF. In order to retain my way of life, I would have to work for a livelihood.

She is no longer competent to teach now that she has found her real calling. She is not to blame for her success as a top-tier content provider.

Louise decided to retire from her work as a math teacher after 40 years and dedicate herself totally to establishing a career as a fitness and OnlyF model. Her Instagram account has more than 185,000 followers, while her TikTok account has more than 254,000. Louise currently has over two million TikTok followers and another 186,000 on Instagram. So this move has been quite beneficial to her. She has made over $560,000 since quitting teaching and has a substantial OnlyF following as a result of her large social media following.



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