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Lorna Santiago death is being looked into. What’s Michael Lenahan’s name? He’s not here.

The Herald Sun says that Michael Lenahan, who killed Lorna Santiago death, 24, in 2007, will be freed. The person who killed Santiago was found guilty in Manhattan. Lenahan, who used drugs, told Manhattan that even though he wasn’t perfect, he was a great person. As this topic spreads like wildfire online, people are paying close attention to it. The news is important to people. Follow our website, STOPTECHY, to find out what’s going on!!!!!!

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She was killed. Santiago Case Murder

The government says that Lenahan spent two days looking at websites about sadomasochism and how to keep dead bodies from going bad. She also used her credit card to buy wine. The article says that Lenahan said he choked Santiago to death by accident because he didn’t want her to yell at him after she hit him. The defence said that Lenahan had kept on breaking the law. You can get accurate news information right here.

Michael Lenahan has not found yet. Recent news stories don’t say much about what’s going on with him. He doesn’t seem to have left any sign behind. Lorna, who was on a date with him, died, and he was accused of keeping her dead body at his house for three days. Even though Michael Lenahan’s name hasn’t been added to Wikipedia yet, it thought he was 43 years old. His age was figured out by using the fact that he was 31 in 2010. Michael, a Chinese citizen, won’t come out of hiding as long as no one knows where he is.

Lorna Santiago death

Michael Lanahan isn’t able to get married right now. He tried to stay out of the spotlight, and unlike many other people, he kept his personal life quiet. Before stopping, he had a dinner date at Lorna’s. So, he doesn’t have a wife. Michael Lenahan strangled the woman he was having dinner with, and then he left her body to rot. On Tuesday, a judge said that Michael Lenahan, an unemployed artist, killed Lorna by putting his hands around her neck and squeezing. The body of Lorna, which had been dead for three days, was found in Michael’s Chinatown apartment.



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