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LORI HARVEY and WENDY WILLIAMS video became viral on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

A LORI HARVEY and WENDY WILLIAMS video that has gone viral on social media has piqued people’s interest. Gotcitytea recently shared the video on Twitter, and it instantly went viral on other social media platforms. According to reports, the video’s explicit nature is what’s trending and why people are looking for the viral video’s link. It’s unknown why the video is popular, why people think it’s about this couple, and wha posted it to YouTube. Scroll down for more details. Follow stoptechy

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Lori Harvey and Wendy Williams’s Viral $ex Tape

On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, Twitter was swamped with rumours and memes about Lori Harvey’s Viral tape, and many people have discussing a reported Lori Harvey tape. People are anxious to download and watch the tape, despite the fact that it is not yet available on any social networking platforms. Social media users are speaking among themselves, looking for any connection to a video of the couple, and many are troll-ing them by generating memes and jokes about them. What sparked this debate in the first place?


In the same way that Twitter user “Gocitytea,” who also established his account under the name “Gossipofthecitytea,” This user claimed that someone is buying the Lori Harvey tape and that someone claims to have the Rihanna and Wendy Williams tape in their possession while sharing a screenshot of his Instagram inbox. According to a tweet from the Twitter account, someone is purchasing a Lori Harvey se*x tape. I only mentioned Lori because I had witnessed it happen to her… I’m still working on uploading them. The Twitter account also includes a screenshot of the chat between him and the unknown person. Gocitytea established the account in March 2020.

Checkout WENDY WILLIAMS video

There have been 2,623 Tweets as of right now, and the page has 136.8k followers after rapidly accumulating followers each day. When it comes to the viral video, several websites claim that there is no such thing as a tape of the couple, and fans are responding by generating memes and mocking it. A Twitter user expressed their feelings after hearing that “the Lori Harvey tape goes nuts.” Lori was born on January 13, 1997. She is an American businesswoman, mannequin, and socialite. In Los Angeles, she works for a company that deals with mannequins.



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