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Laurie Tagaloa killed wife video viral on youtube and reddit

Laurie Tagaloa killed wife video viral on youtube and reddit? CCTV On Twitter and Reddit, a video goes viral: Recently, a video of two men killing a man has widely shared on social media sites. Reports say that Laurie Tagaloa is the man who is seen killed by the group of two men. On July 11, two men killed Laurie Tagaloa by stabbing him at the Valley Metro food court near the Fortitude Valley train station in Australia. Check STOPTECHY for more news.

Who is Laurie Tagaloa?

Laurie Tagaloa lived in Australia for a long time. He was only 24 years old when he killed with a knife. On social media platforms, there isn’t much information about the man, but Laurie Tagaloa is going viral. Some Internet users have said Laurie Tagaloa’s video shouldn’t be shared on social media and should be kept because it is sensitive.

What happened to person who killed?

Laurie Tagaloa was outside the Fortitude Valley train station in Australia on July 11. He was in the Valley Metro food court. Two men suddenly walked up to him and stabbed him with a knife after they said something. In the case of the murder of Laurie Tagaloa, however, the police have arrested both of the suspects and put them in jail.

Who are the people accused?

Laurie Tagaloa killed by a group of two men. Birkdale, who is 20 years old, one of the men accused of killing Laurie. But there isn’t much known about the other person who is accused of involved in the murder of Laurie Tagaloa. The police caught both of the people who killed the man and charged them with murder.

Laurie Tagaloa killed wife video

What did the video of Laurie Tagaloa that has gone viral show?

When Laurie Tagaloa was standing at the Valley Metro food court outside of the Fortitude Valley train station in Australia, two men came up to him and started talking to him. Their conversation turned into a fight, but the two men calmed down and moved away from Laurie Tagaloa.

CCTV footage of the death of Laurie Tagaloa

After a moment, the two men move closer to the victim again, but this time, when they get close to Laurie Tagaloa, they just stick a knife in his neck. There is a lot of blood on the victim’s neck. His child saw his father bleeding on the floor and went to help him. Unfortunately, Laurie Tagaloa could not saved. Still, Laurie Tagaloa taken to the closest hospital, where doctors told his family that he dead.



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