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Larreta: “Violence will not be allowed in the city, and if it happens, the police will respond.”

At 21:30, Horacio Rodrguez Larreta, the leader of the Buenos Aires government, held a press conference. As a result of the violence in the Recoleta neighbourhood, close to Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s home. She fled the area. The mayor of the city requested that the former president. Assume responsibility for the peaceful return of protesters to their homes. Follow stoptechy for the most recent updates.

A protest is one thing, but a well-considered plan to occupy public space is quite another. We cannot allow that to occur. What began as a request for assistance evolved into a permanent camp that drastically altered the way the neighbours lived. The mayor of Buenos Aires stated, “After five days and five nights of switching. We erected a fence to regain public space with peace in mind.”

According to Rodriguez Larreta, the Vice President “seeks to distract” and wants “her issues with the Department of Justice to resolved on the street.” He also said, “I ask you, Madam Vice President, to take responsibility for the peaceful departure of the protesters.”

This afternoon, following the gathering of officialist leaders. The demonstration turned violent, with a number of demonstrators tearing down fences, throwing stones, and attacking the police. According to Larreta, twelve police officers were injured. The police displayed professionalism, tenacity, and resolve.

“No room exists for violence. The mayor of Buenos Aires stated, “The City Police will intervene whenever there is violence.”



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