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Know about Phyna and Groovy new relationship in BBNaija season 7.

People interested in finding out more about the news after reading something shocking online. Two names are quickly becoming well-known online and getting people’s attention right now. On Friday night, the Big Brother Naija housemates Phyna and Groovy new relationship caught on camera having a steamy, covered-up session. People were paying attention to the hug. Follow stoptechy

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Big Brother Naija housemates Phyna and Groovy have criticised for their new relationship. They were both in Season 7 of the show.

Only a few days after Beauty kicked out of the “Level Up” house, it looks like the two remaining housemates have become friends.

Phyna and Groovy new relationship

Keep in mind that the beauty queen lost because she upset Groovy twice and got two strikes.

Last night, just six days after Beauty left, Groovy seen cuddling up with Phyna. It looks like he has moved on.

Because of this, BBNaija fans upset with Groovy for moving on so quickly after Beauty was kicked off the show.

The Daily Oost has put together the following tweets:

@Dami “Groovy was with Beauty because he knew she would be a strong housemate and have a lot of fans.” He moved to Phyna as soon as she left because he knew she would have a lot of fans outside. We are in charge of you.

@Doffishal Groovy and Phyna were seen cuddling under the covers a week after he the reason Beauty was kicked off the show. This life is all wrong.

@blaqpearl “Ladies, don’t back this nonsense. We can all see how bad this is for beauty. I’m not a fan, but everyone is a person. Because of this guy, she kicked out, and as soon as she left, all the other girls flocked to him. “

Checkout Phyna and Groovy new relationship

@D Paulo1 “Biggie, you need to start putting cameras under your bed.” Groovy and Phyna.

@Vahcelia It’s embarrassing for beauty, and I say she deserved better.

Also, after a heated fight with Groovy that night, she broke up with him. Not only that, but there was also a fight with Phyna because she didn’t back her up when she fought with Groovy. People are talking about this argument because it is causing a stir on social media. They want to know what happened and why the two of you were cuddling. Because people want news, many websites are covering this story. There are still a lot of things to talk about, which you can learn about in the next part of the article.

Also, when word got out on the Internet that Phyna and Groovy had a rough hug on Friday night, When people saw this news on the internet, they wanted to know more about it. This hug became known as a controversial issue on social media. The camera caught them in action, so we can see them.



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