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What cause of Kevin Savage death, and what killed him? A radio legend from South Africa has died.

What cause of Kevin Savage death, and what killed him? A Radio Legend from South Africa Has Died: We’re here to tell you some bad news about South African radio legend Kevin Savage, who did a lot of radio shows on the popular channel hot102.7 FM. He died on Saturday afternoon, July 9, 2022, after a long battle with cancer. He was 69 years old. His death announced on radio station 102.7. Many people liked his voice, so they shocked to hear that he had died. People are talking about his death on social media, and they want to know more about him, so we wrote this article with a lot of information about him. Check for more news.

Who was Kevin Savage?

Kevin was a multitalented person. We don’t know anything about his family history because it’s not on the internet, but we do know that his first job was at Kfm and that he started making money when he was only twenty years old. People liked his voice on the 102.7 radio station, and now that they can’t hear it anymore, they’re sad. From what I’ve heard, he married and had two children. Both of them are now doing well in their lives.

How Did Kevin Savage Die?

He died on July 9, 2022, when he was 69 years old. According to reports, he died in the hospital. He cancer, and he only found out after a long time when he started feeling down and his hair started falling out. They had lost a lot of weight and had other health problems. He getting cancer treatment in South Jersey, and a week ago, his health got worse and he was taken to the hospital.

What cause of Kevin Savage death

His family didn’t say anything, but his son posted a picture of his father’s radio room desk and wrote that he always missed. The 102.7 FM station was the first to report on his death. After that, his friends and family talked about him and paid him a last tribute. People want to know about his funeral, but according to the source, it will only take place at his home. The family didn’t say anything about his funeral because they want to mourn in private. May Kevin Rest In Peace, and may his family find the strength to move on.



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