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Kai Cenat Staircase Video viral over social media

Kai Cenat Staircase Video

Have you ever thought that everything that happens is just a building block toward a big goal?

As you move toward a bigger goal, the small things you’ve done add up. Kai Cenat, a rising star on Twitch, did have something like this happen to him. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Kai Cenat recently had a party to mark the fact that he had reached his goal number of Twitch subscribers. His number of followers went from 70K to 80K to 90K at a very fast rate.

Twitter video of Kai Cenat on a staircase

And as long as he kept doing that, it was only a matter of time before he reached the finish line. Not only did the 20-year-old streamer pass the coveted checkpoints, but so did other streamers. His fans supported him and helped him reach new heights.

On his official Twitter account, Kai Cenat made an announcement that made everyone smile: the rising star had finally reached and passed 100,000 subscribers.

also without putting on a “subathon.” He wrote “100,000 subscribers” in a tweet. and shone brighter than he ever had before.

Kai Cenat dances with A.P. Chris and some other people.

Also, everyone knows that he wore a nice outfit to celebrate reaching 60,000 subscribers. He took the tone to a whole new level this time.

A lot of his friends were there to celebrate with him. Everyone was happy for the other streamers. He was amazed by the number of subtitles and said, “It’s too big to fit on the screen.” So it’s already a show in and of itself.

Video of Kai Cenat Dancing

If you watched the live stream, you would know that the celebrations were awesome. Still, you can see what people thought of Kai’s dance moves for the event in the comments section below.

Kai Cenat dances with Amp Chris and his friends on Twitter.
As soon as Kai posted that the video had passed 100,000 views, the audience couldn’t hold back any longer and started commenting. They were just as ready for this as Kai was.

There was no doubt that fans would give the 20-year-old streamer lots of love and good wishes. Here are a few of the things people said about his tweet.



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