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Juri and the all new Kimberly are the next Street Fighter 6 characters.

It wouldn’t be an EVO without some character announcements. So Capcom used the occasion this evening to reveal the next two Street Fighter 6 characters. The return of Juri and Kimberly, a fighter making her series debut. Follow stoptechy

Both may be seen in action in the trailer below. Juri’s first move is one of the smoothest Akira slides. I’ve seen in a long time, and Kimberly is described by Capcom as a “spunky new ninja” with special moves involving spray cans and a walkman:

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kimberly, the Street Fighter series’ first playable African-American woman. She was hinted at in the game’s announcement trailer, and her entire design (together with Juri’s) revealed. In that image leak a few months ago.

Juri and the all new Kimberly

That leak is undoubtedly going to ruin a lot of these announcements in the future. At least a bit, but it has also piqued our interest in seeing more and Italy’s gorgeous new gladiator.

Street Fighter 6 is due sometime next year.

Perfect win animations in Street Fighter 6 add salt to the wound.

Bad news for scrublords everywhere: in Street Fighter 6. Losing without injuring your opponent comes with the extra humiliation of seeing their unique win animations.

Street Fighter 6’s Horrible Logo Has Changed

When Street Fighter 6 was initially shown earlier this year. The game’s logo was one of the oddest and most notable aspects of an otherwise lacklustre video. which, as I mentioned at the time, looked a lot like clipart.



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