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Waka Joy Valencia video leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Joy Valencia video has been in other videos leaked and then went viral on Twitter and Reddit. This time, though, someone shared on social media a video of a scene between two clients that caught on Tuesday in the middle of a room (December 27). Follow stoptechy for more info.

The club has reddit-filtered and twitter-filtered a lot of videos with Teh De La Joy Valencia TEMP in them. This time, a lot of people have shared on social media a video that taken on Tuesday when two clients were in the middle of a room (December 27).

Waka’s video of Joy Valencia leaked on Twitter and Reddit.

People who watched the movie online felt a lot of different things, like shock, disgust, and anger. Some people said she needed help with her mental health because she was “repulsed” by him.

Others have already used these pictures for business purposes. One of the worst things a user said about the club was that it was a “infected den of corruption and, as of right now, a site for prstittion.”

Who Is Joy Valencia?

Joy Valencia is a social media influencer with more than 90k followers. She often posts funny, entertaining, and interesting content to her Tik Tok account.

Joy Valencia video

She has a second Instagram account where she posts different things from the first account, like dark humour and quotes from other works.


In the Trending video, you can see a blonde girl kind of kneeling on the ground and doing a show for a boy. As soon as the boy realises that his phone has a camera, he pulls up his pants.



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